There & Back Again

I know who I am And what I must do But I don’t have courage Yet I’m trying to. I know in my heart That if I go on I may leave my past behind But something says that’s not so wrong. For I know there’s a plan Somewhere deep down And that’s enough For […]

Happiness Is Fragile

Happiness is fragile Effervescent and pale I wanted to keep this precious thing But like a flame, it died and fell. I wandered and wept, Cried and saw That sadness would Embrace me When it seemed None would at all. I swam, then sank In melancholy depths I thought that I had reached the end […]


In response to today’s Daily Prompt: The last time I laughed I very nearly turned blue For I laughed and laughed When they said that I loved you. They cried, “You’re in love” And I nearly cried, too Then and yet again For my purple bird that flew. I refuse let myself be troubled […]