What if Sherlock fell in love?

Ever since watching the British show Sherlock for the first time, I have had this one question in my head:

What if Sherlock fell in love?

Think about it! He’s so adorable already, why not have him fall in love? So, I took matters into my own hands and wrote this poem from a lovelorn Sherlock’s point of view. It’s called “By My Side.”


I may be brilliant,

I may remember everything.

But my life is not complete

Without you by my side.


I may be mad,

I may not be sociable.

But, even mad, antisocial people

Need a person by their side.


Life is a mystery, darling,

I’ve seen my fair share.

But the greatest mystery I’ve seen thus far

Is how one little heart can hold so much love.


So, dear, take my hand,

And with that, I give you the world.

If only you’ll show me that adorable smile

That fills me with such love.



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