More Doctor Who Poetry

I love this Doctor Who poem I wrote. It’s called “My Dear Time Traveller” and it’s a love letter from the Doctor to his sweetheart, River Song. **Warning, spoilers**


My dear time traveller

We keep meeting out of order

Through starry skies

And cloudy nights

I’ll be the one to be your lover.


My dear time traveller

You died the first time we met

But as the years went on

I knew you weren’t gone

In fact, your life wasn’t even over.


My dear time traveller

I gave you a book to tell your stories

Now it’s full

And I am still

Waiting to read them but you call them “spoilers”.


My dear time traveller

You’re the one who knows my name

You are my wife

You are my life

And you know I wish I could keep you forever.




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