The Springtime Conundrum

I wrote this poem about one of the characters in Doctor Who, for I am a huge Whovian (Doctor Who fan). This is kind of the final lament of one of one of the best characters, Rose Tyler. Warning: spoilers. 


It’s days this time of year

That fill me with such sadness

I know they’re great and bright,

But they remind me of times long by


Like the time he and I went out on the very last day

It gave me such hope

And such optimism

But it was not to be, a new reality took its place


I never expected this universe,

It hit me when I wanted it least

I always wanted to be with him

And now he’s far from my grasp


I cried like it was doomsday

For I knew my old life was gone

I had to face the truth

I could never return


And now I fear the same fate will befall you and I

I know we’re just friends, but

Somehow I don’t know what I’d do without you

You have become my life


I dreamed once that you put your hand on my shoulder

I don’t know why, you said it was longing for your hand

And so I didn’t mind

And it wasn’t real


I wish sometimes that my dreams were my reality

And my reality my dreams

I’ve never been lucky

But since I’ve found you, I haven’t been alone


Reality’s just so boring at times

I like to make my own worlds

But sometimes my worlds crumble my sanity

That’s what they’re supposed to do, isn’t it?


And I know I’ll miss this life I’m living

Harmful or not, I’ll return to it like a fool

Just like I return to that day, that dream

Where he and I could’ve been together


It’s days like these

Days like these



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