Dallas & Dreams

Well, I was haunted by machines
And he was a crazy Frenchman
With a Middle Eastern name
We ate popcorn
And he was gone
I went to a dying mall
It looked like the apocalypse
It was depressing, reminds me of you
I’m always trying to flee
At the airport where no planes fly
And I always wake up
They called him Ranger

They contain my favorite places
And some awful ones, too
They’re pretty similar
But the real one I’m not running from
There’s always this highway
With clock-topped buildings
Normal people wouldn’t be scared
But, me? I’m terrified
Sometimes they overlap
And it’s strange when they do
But I’m passionately in love
He was made from glass

The difference is that I can wake from one
But I would never want to leave either
They were invading
I fell in love
One’s dark and twisted
The other bright and exciting
Both have memories
And my heart
We kissed
Such music
I sang, he played
It could happen


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