Rainy Poetry

It was rainy yesterday, so here is some rain-inspired poetry for you guys:




Falls gently from the sky
Onto my windowsill. 
The sky
Is soft and gray. 
The sun
Will not show it’s gleaming head today. 
The light
From the cars
Reflects off the damp pavement
As the water
Keeps coming down.
The Storm 
The storm

Looms on the horizon
Wild beauty
Raw power.
As it approaches
A silent beast, 
The earth anticipates it, its prey
By becoming very  hot and still.
But, when it strikes
It is no longer quiet
But raging
Like a drunken king of old.
As the rain slashes 
The windshield
Tiny rapiers
We drive, trying to get home. 
And in the morning
Drops shall fall from leaves
And the Earth shall be clean
And new again. 

2 thoughts on “Rainy Poetry

  1. I truly love this poem. Especially about the earth becoming still and hot waiting for it’s prey. It’s amazing. You see things so differently. It’s so beautiful. Great job!

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