Love in the End of Time

Do you like post-apocalyptic literature?

I like post-apocalyptic literature.

Here’s a post-apocalyptic poem for you:


It’s been ten years since the world caved in

Two months since I had to leave,

Three hours since my point of view shifted

But only now I see I can’t breathe.


I don’t understand,

I thought you hated me.

But since you’ve taken my hand

How friendly we seem to be!


My dear, I love you more than this shattered world

Even more than my warped and faded dreams

If only you’d say you love me too

My heart would simply burst at the seams.


I never hated you, my darling

I just didn’t know how to say

“I love you” in a way you wouldn’t scorn

Oh, come let me love your hardness away.



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