There & Back Again

I know who I am
And what I must do
But I don’t have courage
Yet I’m trying to.

I know in my heart
That if I go on
I may leave my past behind
But something says that’s not so wrong.

For I know there’s a plan
Somewhere deep down
And that’s enough
For me not to drown.

Who knows where the road may lead
Or how the paths may intersect
What may fill my heart with joy
What may cause me to reflect.

And so I know
That life goes on
It’s there and back again
And now I know I’m heading home.


Happiness Is Fragile

Happiness is fragile
Effervescent and pale
I wanted to keep this precious thing
But like a flame, it died and fell.

I wandered and wept,
Cried and saw
That sadness would
Embrace me
When it seemed
None would at all.

I swam, then sank
In melancholy depths
I thought that I had reached the end
And my secrets would be kept.

Drowning in my darkest hour
Plagued and broken
I hoped and prayed
For some good power
For kind words to be spoken.

Then, I felt a flame within my chest
And I reached the surface of the water
My answer said, “Go, and do your best -”
“And be proud that you’re my daughter”.

Little Ice Age

My own two feet

Won’t carry me

At one in the morning
As I pace the floors
Looking at the doors
As if there’s a fire behind them
I’m sinking, sinking
Further down the abyss
If I make a mistake
There’ll be blood on my hands
How can I survive
Down here in the darkness?
I can’t control my mind
It picks my pockets and robs me blind
You won’t feel a thing, it says
I’m thinking things that should never have been
I’m repenting when there were no sins
As if there’s a fire behind them


In response to today’s Daily Prompt:

The last time I laughed
I very nearly turned blue
For I laughed and laughed
When they said that I loved you.

They cried, “You’re in love”
And I nearly cried, too
Then and yet again
For my purple bird that flew.

I refuse let myself be troubled
By memories of you, dear bird
For these memories are but a speck
Of the joy I’ve found, joy I’ve learned.


The darkness isn’t dark anymore
And the light feels more like light
Instead of black and gray inside
I no longer fear the white.

A strange hope indeed, this fear
This fearsome, fearless hope
‘Tis like nothing ever felt or feared
This thing I’ve feared the most.

This white that chased away the gray
Left its holy mark on me –
That I would know from long ago
That I surely would be free.

But freedom is a troubled place
One with no place for me
But would it be better to never love
Or be trapped here for eternity?

I tell you “yes” while my heart says no
And she must have the final word
For she could have never taught
Without some witness from the world.

Am I Beautiful?

I look at the mirror
And ask,
“Am I beautiful?”
“No,” it replies,
“Your head is too big,”
“And your eyes too small.”
So I go my way sadder than before.

I look at my friend
And ask,
“Am I beautiful?”
“Kind of,” she says,
“You have spots on your nose,”
“But your eyes are beautiful.”
So I go my way slightly happier than before.

I look at God
And ask,
“Am I beautiful?”
“My daughter,” He replies,
“Of course you are beautiful.”
“Your head may be large, but you have a brain inside.”
“The spots on your nose make you unique.”
“Your eyes may be small, but they are pretty and blue.”
“I created you and I love you.”
So I go my way with a joy that fills my soul.

New Place

Inspired by yesterday’s Daily Prompt:

New place


What will they be like?

Will we get along?

Will I ever

Have a friend?



One comes


Pushing ahead

Of the others

Introducing herself



I have a friend

In this new place

I just might stay

For a week




No longer

Out of place

I fit like a glove

More friends

To follow

No end in sight


New Paths

Inspired by today’s Daily Prompt:


I have rarely had to move,

Rarely had to pull up stakes,

Never had to leave completely

Or live in some exotic place.


But, I have done enough of travel

To know sometimes it hurts

To leave the place you hold most dear

And the place of fondest memories’ birth.


But, I promise you, weary traveler

That wherever you go, whatever you see

New adventures shall await your eyes

And new paths shall invite your feet.